Some pics and miscellaneous for the.....
NEC Golf Tournament

August 20-25, 2002
Sahalee Country Club
Sammamish, Washington

(for Steve's bedroom door)
Main figure from Sports Illustrated,
June 24, 2002
Recreated/reworked in Photoshop.
(letter request for permission
to use picture written to
photographer Fred Vuich)

for Steve's
computer screen
while with us


Fanny Sunesson

Fanny Sunesson
Eric Rogers and Fanny Sunesson
July, 2001
Kirsty Miller
Schedules of Shedd Household
Steve - Tiger Woods's Tee Times (New Zealand)
Fanny - Nick Faldo's Tee Times (Sweden)
Harry - Walking Scorer Committee
(Harry's four assigned tee times include final tee time on Sunday with final threesome)
Claradell - Media Committee
Guests - Steve Williams (Tiger Woods); Bend; Auckland, New Zealand
Kirsty Miller Williams; Bend; Auckland, New Zealand
Irish; Bend; Ahipara, New Zealand
Bob Garza, Bend
Fanny Sunesson (Nick Faldo)
Eric Rogers; Asarum, Sweden
Doug and Pia Moore; San Jose
Mike and Kathleen Zaro; San Carlos
Pat and Tim Molitor; Moses Lake
Rod Scheyer and Jan Iverson; Bellevue
Brad and Tammy Bettger; Spokane, Everett
David Scheyer; Bellevue
Sponge (Pro golfer: Michael Campbell); England; New Zealand
Jim and Ying Moore; Carnation
Tickets, Passes, Parking Arrangements
Meals, Miscellaneous
Official Uniforms --
Walking Scorer (Harry)
Media (Claradell)
Golf fabric. Sewn into package is personalized picture of Steve Williams and Tiger Woods that Steve Williams sent us after staying with us during NEC.One of Tiger's golf balls. Sahalee tees and ball markers. Golf shoe. Incorporated photo into gift wrapping as shown on right.
Blessings as you go!