11/28/15: Space Needle; Seattle   01/17/16: Statue of Liberty; New York
01/18/16: Rockefeller Center; New York   01/20/16: Empire State Building; New York
09/24/16: Engaged in San Francisco   09/24/16: Engaged!
At Disneyland   11/01/16: Halloween
Ole Hanson Beach Club, San Clemente, CA   Beach Club Reception and Dinner Area
Roger with his mother, Eng Hua Rainey   Denise with her mother, Linda Smaldino
Are you prepared for this?   Mr. and Mrs. Roger Rainey
Reception table assignments   Reception table favors
03/25/17: Mr. & Mrs. Roger Rainey   03/25/17: Roger and Denise with Pica
03/25/17: Lyrics to "At Last" (first dance) at Reception   03/26/17: Mr. & Mrs. at Disneyland
April, 2016   Home Sweet Home!
Many happy years ahead !
March 2, 2019; 2:03pm;
Baby's face straight on with both hands up
  March 13, 2019
Roger and Ryan: March 13, 2019   March 14, 2019
Home at last! March 15, 2019   A walk in the park: March 23, 2019
March 19, 2019; 6:00pm: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNcgDMsKL6alUu0t0lMM2exy5JsA0Pv6794-podN0cjx3JSk0eMWfts3RgA3DgvAg?key=ZVl5bXdndDlTQ2lhamlscWFBVDQwWGFycnplbnJR

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