Welcome to
Our Garden
2313 Sahalee Drive East
Sammamish, Washington 98074
Pics taken June 27, 2006 and earlier
*Pics taken June 5, 2007
**Picture taken May 18, 2008
***Pics taken June 18-23, 2009
****Pics taken July 3, 2011
*****Pics taken May 21, 2012
******Pics taken June 17, 2019
(some photos of our 300+ rose bushes)
Front entrance/roses
Rambling Rector (see current below)
Etoile Violette clematis
(Various other roses in pots)
 A healthy hosta;
(part of 200 varieties of hosta throughout yard)
Front entrance/roses
Jeepers Creepers (ground cover)
Ballerina (musk/shrub),
Altissimo (red climber),
Floral Carpet (ground cover)
Ballerina roses (musk/shrub variety)
Floral carpet (ground cover) Rear trellis with five varieties of clematis
Bonica (shrub rose)
Sahalee Golf Course in background
Etoile Violette clematis climbing in
contorted locust tree
(yard contains 82 varieties of clematis)
Front hosta bed;
(part of 200 varieties of hosta throughout yard)
clematis climbing in tree;
red maple beyond
White Dawn climbing roses
interspersed with Nelly Moser clematis
outside of kitchen area
(looking toward Seven East green/Sahalee)
Geraniums with Dawn roses outside
of kitchen
Bed of 50 Trumpeter floribunda roses;
yellow banksaie lutea rose in tree; (7th tee)
Casablanca lilies
over 200 lilies   Feverfew; David Austin roses
Fountain and pond;
hostas; astilbes
  Buff Beauty, Royal Sunset roses
Red Ribbons ground cover roses;
David Austin's Graham Thomas rose
  Hanging baskets of Wave
petunias overlooking fairway
Trumpeters toward fairway
  Rear yard looking toward
golf course/late afternoon
*Photos below taken June 5, 2007
*2007: Rambling Rector   Graham Thomas, Red Ribbon roses
Fountain and pond;
hostas; astilbes
Iceberg roses, fuschias, geraniums   Yellow King Tut miniature roses
**Yellow banksaie lutea rose in tree   *White banksaie rose in trees (arrows)
***Rambling Rector; 06/18/09   ***Buff Beauty, Royal Sunset (06/09)
***Bonica, Nicole, other roses   ***Trumpeter roses just beginning; 06/09
***King Tut, Trumpeter, other roses   ***View from our kitchen onto golf course
***Six rose bushes on trellis   ***Iceberg roses
***Sally Holmes rose   ***Graham Thomas, Red Ribbons roses
****Hops on left wall; persicaria at walk   ****Hops, persicaria (2011)
****Harry redid grass with topsoil, reseeding   ****New grass (6 yds. topsoil + many hours)
****Harry redid grass with topsoil, reseeding   ****New grass (6 yds. topsoil + many hours)
*****Hostas at front driveway   *****Clematis and rose in tree at right
*****From kitchen window   *****Clematis, rose in tree, bed of 50 roses
2015 Video of backyard on youtube
******2019: Huge Rambling Rector   ******From kitchen window
******Side trellis   ******Side; Buff Beauty on right
More pictures coming!