Claradell at home workstationUpstairs
Claradell's Den
Decor Colors: Forest Green and Rust
Harry teaching computing to seniors at SeniorNet
Dickens Village arrangement in Claradell's computer room
Claradell's Den and Computer Room
Dickens Village; circa 1812-1870
This room was added after we moved in. There was a second floor deck which was enclosed to create
a computer room for Claradell. It is now the most used room in the house.
Overhead animated Christmas tree
Our reverse Christmas tree. .
White lattice was affixed to the ceiling with molly bolts and suspended about 3 inches from the ceiling.
The ceiling electrical outlet permits us to plug in our electrical lights.
A number of the ornaments are motorized for motion. Youtube of animation.
Claradell at her computer workstation; February 14, 2011.
Claradell's computer room.
Our servers are located in another room (hosting my 43 websites and over 6,000,000 web hits annually)
Photo above shows monitor setup as of February 14, 2011.
Claradell's workstaiton November 27, 2015.
Claradell's computer room. Shows scanner and one printer. We have six other printers in other rooms.
Skype camera on top of main monitor. Our servers are located in an adjacent room.
Photo above shows monitor setup as of November 27, 2015.
Three cameras displayed on top and side monitor screens.
Shootting Stars quiltDetail of Shooting Stars quilt
Shooting Stars The quilt was specifically made to
coordinate with the room's decor of forest green and rust.
Shooting Stars Detail
Music: "Let There Be Peace"
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