Fox and Hounds Christmas tree ornamentsDownstairs
Harry's Den
Decor: Dickens Village, circa 1812-1870
Fox and Hounds (English Hunting Country)
Fox and Hounds
Harry's Den and Computer Room
This was our first sofa purchased 57 years ago when we were first married. We had it reupholstered about
thirty years ago when we moved to our present residence. The room is decorated in a "Fox and Hounds" decor. Claradell upholstered the walls in the heavy red fabric which was one of the colorways offered when the plaid fabric was selected. Harry did the needlepoint horse hanging on the right wall.
Closeup of Dickens Village setting (circa 1812-1870), as above.
Fox and Hounds Vignette DetailCastle Detail
Fox and Hounds TreeFox and Hounds Tree Detail
Harry built the ottoman and one of our friends upholstered the sofa and ottoman.
Harry's West Point diploma and tap bucket hat remind us both of earlier dating days at West Point.
Other framed credentials include Harry's CLU, his Artillery days, etc. Needlepoint was done by Claradell.
Log Cabin
Log Cabin Detail
Music: "Over The Rainbow"
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