North High Hall of Fame Inductee - 1987
Colonel Robert Ray Scott (USAF, ret.)
Class of January, 1939
Robert Ray Scott; January, 1939
Research by Claradell Shedd, Class of 1953.
100 Missions North Bob graduated in the January, 1939 class from North High. His next of kin was listed as Mr. Ray Scott, 815 Euclid Avenue, Des Moines, IA. Bob attended Iowa State for two years, majoring in aeronautical engineering before joining the US Army Air Corps. He received his wings in March, 1942. Following WWII, he later returned to Iowa State for an additional 3-1/2 years and graduation. Read "100 Missions North" by BG Ken Bell (USAF ret.) to learn about various air skirmishes and missions. Bob Scott was Ken Bell's commanding officer. These Bob Scott episodes are described on pages 32, 36, 38, 162, 163, 166, 167, (40-41), and 106, 110, 124, 150, 193, 211, 212, 213, 216, 234, 254, 278, 281, and 287. Outstanding military career in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam earning 4 silver stars, 3 Legions of Merit, 6 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 16 Air Medals, and 17 other decorations and accolades. Following his transcontinental speed record in 1955, he appeared on "What's My Line?" and stumped the panel. After retiring from military service in 1970, Bob owned and operated working cattle ranches in New Mexico and Tehachapi, California. Bob Scott was interned at Arlington National Cemetery, VA, with full military honors on November 23, 2006.
Robert Ray Scott
Year x Rank x Status
January, 1939 x Graduated x Graduated from North High, Des Moines, IA
1939-1941 x Student x Two years at Iowa State; Ames, IA, majoring in aeronautical engineering. Entered the civilian pilot training program, the first government attempt to use American colleges as settings for training large numbers of civilian pilots.
Aug.15,1941 x US Army
Air Corps
x Enlisted at Fort Des Moines, IA on August 15, 1941 as an Aviation Cadet in the US Army Air Corps. Received his wings in March, 1942.
Aug., 1941 x Training x As a US Army Air Corps cadet, was training at Lindbergh Field, San Diego.
Oct., 1941 x Training x Flight training at Lerdo Army Flying School in Consolidated Vultee Valiant, known as "Vultee Vibrator." Lerdo later became Minter Field.
Dec.7,1941 x Event x Pearl Harbor. America enters WWII.
1942-1944 x Training/Capt. x As a member of the 426th Nightfighter Combat Squadron, he trained in Orlando, Fresno, Salinas, Calcutta, India, etc.
Winter,1942 x Training x Flight instructor at Victorville Army Air Field, later becoming George Air Force Base, CA.
Oct. 29, 1944 x US Army/
x WWII; Pacific Theater: Flying Northrop P-61 Black Widow, a twin-engine airplane built strictly for night flying. Shoots down a Japanese twin-engine bomber, the first of two aerial combat victories during WWII. Shot down 3 aircraft at night.
1944-1945 x Stationed x Flew 54 missions over western China before war ended in 1945. Flew in advisory capacity with the Chinese Air Force.
x Student x Sent back to college for 3-1/2 years. Graduated from Iowa State, Ames, IA earning two Master's degrees.
1951-1952 x Stationed/
x Graduated from test pilot training school at Edwards Air Force Base, CA.
July, 1953
x Stationed x Korea. Flying F-86 Sabre. Flew 100 missions against North Korea. Yalu River locations where few chose to go. Asked for an extension and ended up flying 117 missions against North Korea. Awarded the first of four Silver Stars.
Fall, 1953-
x Stationed x Back to Langley Field, VA. Commanding 405th Fighter Group; 510th Fighter Squadron.
March 10, 1955 x US Air Force/
  Flying F-84F, Sets transcontinental speed record from Los Angeles, CA to Mitchel Field, Long Island, NY
1960 x US Air Force/
x Promoted to full colonel.
x Stationed x Vietnam. Flying Republic F105. Royal Thailand Air Force Base; Takhli, Thailand. Scott leads his wing of F-105 Thunderchiefs in 134 missions as Wing Commander. 405th Fighter Group; 355th Tactical Combat Squadron; 510 Fighter Squadron
March 26, 1967 x Stationed x Downed a MiG-17 in aerial combat. Third air victory in third war; i.e., WWII, Korea, Vietnam.
1968-1970 x Stationed x Commanding the 832nd Air Division, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.
1970 x Discharged/
x Discharged at Cannon Air Force Base; Clovis, New Mexico.
27th Fighter Wing.
Aug. 31, 1970 x Retired/Col. x Retired as Colonel.
1970-1980 x Employment x Vice President-Operations and Chief Pilot, Antilles International Airlines. Mandatory retirement at age 60.
x Civilian x Cattle rancher in New Mexico and Tehachapi, California;
Tehachapi, CA. Died 10/03/06.
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak Transcontinental Speed Record
set by Lt. Col. Robert Ray Scott
The F-84F was developed as a powerful all-weather fighter/bomber capable of speeds up to 695 mph. It carried six machines guns, bombs, and rockets and was capable of delivering nuclear weapons. A total of 2711 Thunderstreaks were built between 1952 and 1957.
In March, 1955, an F-84F piloted by Lt. Col. Robert Ray Scott set a transcontinental speed record flying from Los Angeles to Mitchel Field (Long Island, NY) in 3 hours 44 minutes. A reconnaissance version, the RF-84F, featured engine air intakes at the wing roots plus cameras in the nose.
Republic F-84F Thunderstreak
Wingspan 33' 7"
Length 43 '4"
Engine 7200 lb thrust
Wright J-65
Top Speed 695 mph
Weight 17,000 lbs
Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott
Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott
Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott
Cover of Book (F105)
"Socrates N' Suits"
by Jack "Suitcase' Simpson
Painting by Maxine McCaffrey
Forward in book written by
Col. Robert (Bob) Ray Scott
U.S. Air Force (ret.)
As Bob Scott says in the forward of this book,
"I survived 134 missions."
This is a cover picture of an F105 piloted by
Colonel Robert (Bob) Scott in a dogfight with a MiG; western edge of Hanoi; Easter Sunday; 1967.
Painting by Maxine McCaffrey, hung in The Pentagon;
now in the Federal Building
in West Los Angeles.
Watch for the tribute planned to honor the heroism of Colonel Robert Ray Scott, Class of January, 1939, at the Gold Star Museum, Johnston, IA.
Boy Scout; 13 years old As a funeral escort motorcycle rider Bob as a two-year-old
(far left)  Bob as Boy Scout; 13 yrs. old.
(left)        Bob as funeral escort motorcycle rider
                   for East Side's White Funeral Home
(above)     Bob as a 2-year-old holding the rein
Lt. Robert Ray Scott Captain Robert Ray Scott Lt.Col. Robert Ray Scott
August, 1941; Minter Field, CA 1944-1945; WWII; Missions over China Five days before breaking speed record;
3 Mar 1955
Lt.Col. Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott Colonel Robert Ray Scott
Korea; 1952-1953 1960; Colonel Robert Ray Scott 1966-67: Another Distinguished Flying Cross;
Royal Thailand AFB, Takhli Thailand
December 4, 1966:
Detachment 2
Takhli Air Base, Thailand

Fairchild Republic Division
Fairchild Industries Farmindale, NY
December 4, 1966; Takhli AB Thailand 1975: Fairchild Industries; Farmingdale, NY
Colonel Robert Ray Scott
355th Tactical Fighter Squadron
405 Fighter Group
United States Air Force
132nd Fighter Wing; IA Air National Guard

124th Fighter Squadron/IA Air National Guard
Command Pilot's Wings

Robert Ray Scott
405th Fighter Group/Langley, VA

510 Fighter Squadron

355th Tactical Combat Squadron/Vietnam
Some of Bob's medals

Starting Top Row (l-r): Four (4) Silver Stars; Three (3) Legion of Merit Medals; Six (6) Distinguished Flying Crosses;
Sixteen (16) Air Medals w/oak leaf clusters; Vietnam Service Medal; National Defense Medal; Vietnam Campaign Medal;
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal; Korean Service Medal; Victory Medal WWII; American Campaign Medal
Above list is incomplete. Additional medals coming for inclusion.
Deceased: 10/03/06 in Tehachapi, CA 93561.
Music: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
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