United States Military Academy
Class of 1958

San Antonio Mini 1958 Class Photo
Saturday, October 23, 2004; 1700

Group Photo
enlarged left side of photo
enlarged right side of photo
NOTE: 12/03/04: Called Classic Panoramics and they finally consented to email me a scanned .jpg file.
They said the regular photos were being mailed today, Friday, December 3, 2004.
NOTE: 11/14/04; 1:00PM: I called Classic Panoramics at (210) 349-9956.
NOTE: 11/24/04: 10:21AM: Called Classic. Said they were getting the photos out next week.
They said it would be at least one more week before the photos would be shipped.
When we receive our copy of the large group photo of the entire 1958 class,
I will create image maps on each of the G-2 members and/or spouse/guest.
Just place your mouse on the individual's face and the identity will appear.

Attendees missing from photo: Brad and Janet Eliot, Betty Donovan, Fred Easley (Pam Grattan),
George and Mary Jane Lawton, Hugh Morgan (Heather Crawley),
Bob and Sally Tierney, Frank and Connie Wright
 Photo taken on Saturday, October 23, 2004. (*please send corrections/additions to
Claradell at [email protected])
*Pictures by Pat Julian     **Pictures by Jack Bujalski     (others by Claradell Shedd)

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