United States Military Academy
Class of 1958
46th Reunion/San Antonio
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday/October 21-24, 2004

  Picturing a Tradition
    (1)    Pride of the Hudson
  (2)    Pass in Review
  (3)    Duty, Honor, Country...West Point
  (4)    Cullum Hall
  (5)    Singing In The Rain
  (6)    Mess Hall
  (7)    Hotel Thayer
  (8)    Thayer Lobby
  (9)    We made it!
Photos supplied by
The Assembly
The Howitzer
Various internet sites
Pride of the Hudson (1)    
Pass in Review (2)   Duty, Honor, Country...West Point (3)
Cullum Hall; year of photo unknown (4)
Formation in the rain (5)   Washington Hall (Mess) (6)
Hotel Thayer (7)   Thayer Lobby (8)
We made it! (9)
The G-2ers in the Class of 1958 extend special thanks for
"an exceptional job well done" to
Jack and Rachel Bujalski
Thank you for stopping by the Class of 1958's 46th Mini Reunion pictorial album recalling memories of past moments at USMA!   May your days continue to be meaningful and many!

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