United States Military Academy
Class of 1958

G-2; Then

Plebes, 4th Class, 1955

Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Pointer RW; Day WD; Breton HJ, Jr.; Knebel JA, Jr.; Shunk P; Bowers RF; Loughborough DS
2nd Row Forman TA; Gal JJ; Fay LG; Holladay WN; Julian RH; Tierney RE
3rd Row McCauley JW; Conrad CW; Wright FM; Harrington DB; Bujalski JP; Waller JE; Depew DE
4th Row Eveleth BP; Donovan CB; Lawton GC; Weiss WA; Palmer JL; Shedd HL
5th Row Huff GC; Easley FO,III; Eliot BF; Morgan HW
Absent Craft DR
1954--a short eternity ago. Thirty-two strong, we decended on the Lost Fifties and Gung-two, amid clothing displays, company boards, and cries of "Take Brigade." Four years, three upper classes, two tacs, and one heck of a lot of friends later, we're separating again--ready for what lies ahead because of what has gone behind. The twenty-four who made it have a lot of memories--Biff's constructive criticism, Weezy's brown boy, Shunk's "Hey Hugh," Edgie's 20-20, Guspadene's teeth, Herren's pipe, the amours of Huff, Easley, and Forman. Hugh's Sunday School classes, Palmer's Rebel yell, and Fay's "This place leaves something to be desired." No one will forget Kusciusko, Fatty Arbuckle, Moose Arbruster, Doctor McCauley, Herr Depew, Bird-dog, Fluffy, Tubby, Wing-Ding, Looney, Bellie, Lump Lump and, last but not least, Spuds and Ollie.
Firsties Class, 1958
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Palmer JL; Weiss WA; Depew DE; Fay LG; Pointer RW; Eliot BF
2nd Row Shedd HL; Lawton GC; Easley FO; Donovan CB; Tierney RE; Bujalski JP
3rd Row Julian RH; Wright FM; Eveleth BP; Herren JD; Morgan HW; McCauley JW; Huff GC
4th Row Day WD; Loughborough DS; Forman TA; Waller JE; Shunk P
Supe's Sentry Caper

In November of 1956, refurbishing work was being done on the west side of North Barracks. The workers were a bit careless with some of their equipment, and one day a fairly long rope was noticed, discarded off to one side. Thinking that a good piece of rope like that should not go unused, I started mulling possibilities. Somehow, the rope, the Supe's sentry box, and Arvin Gym came together in my mind. The rope was not long enough to reach the top of the gym, but would do quite well in reaching the top of the one-story projection on the side of the gym facing the lost 50's.

Discussion with my roomies, Harry Shedd and Coleman Conrad, resulted in development of a plan which called for two teams; one to get the rope and climb to the destination roof, the other to fetch the sentry box. We obviously needed more manpower, so we went to our G-2 classmates. A briefing was held, teams formed, and a decision reached to execute the plan at the next after-taps football rally for the Army-Navy Game. All were to wear black parkas with a white handerchief tied around their wrist for identification.

The next rally began, and we executed the plan. The first problem came when we tried to move the sentry box. It tipped without much trouble, but we discovered the base was heavily weighted, and we struggled to lift it. We had, at most, six lifters; however, there were cadets within earshot, and we soon had more than enough willing helpers. They knew not where we were going or what we were going to do with the sentry box, but the temptation to do something, anything, with the Supe's sentry box was too much for them to resist.

We arrived at our destination to find the other team on the roof with the two ends of the rope hanging down. It was a long rope, permitting us to lay the sentry box on top of the two end sections, and the ends would still reach up to the roof so the box could be rolled up. Again, the unexpected weight almost did us in, but by this time there were plenty of cadets available, many from H-2. Several cadets scrambled up to the roof to help on the rope while as many as could find room to get a hand on the sentry box lifted from the ground. Once the box was on the roof and upright, everyone rapidly dispersed to the rally, and the rope was returned to were we found it, once more to be lonely.

The Commandant's staff did not seem to appreciate our efforts. Fortunately, they did not have any suspects, although they logically narrowed the suspect pool to the Second Regiment. Therefore, the Second Regiment company commanders were summoned to Colonel Oglesby's office where they drew lots to see which company would restore the sentry box to its proper resting place. L-2 won! Naturally, the work was delegated to the L-2 plebes. The box stood on the roof for several days before someone figured out a way to get it down. I suppose nobody looked for the lonely rope. ...Jack Bujalski

Return of the Supe's sentry box.
Photos: Compliments of Jim McCauley
Supe's Sentry Caper;
Company G-2

Cow Year; 11/1956
(Army-Navy game played on
Saturday, 12/01/56; 7-7 tie)
Jack Bujalski, George Lawton, George Huff,
    Edgie Waller, Wayne Weiss
Dave Depew, Lee Fay, Bob Pointer,
    Frank Wright, Fred Easley,
    Jim McCauley, Brad Eliot, Tom Forman

Who took the photo?
Cows of the 52nd Division;
Company G-2

Late 1956**
*Bob Tierney with camera,
    Wayne Weiss, *Jack Bujalski
*Dave Depew, Harry Shedd,
    Pete Shunk
*John Palmer, *Pat Donovan
Not shown: *Brad Eliot

* engaged or close to it
Cows; Company G-2
Delafield Pond - Fall, 1956
Pete Shunk, Jack Bujalski,
Brad Eliot, George Huff (in back),
Dave Depew, Fred Easley, Lee Fay

Cows; Company G-2
Taken the Saturday the cows beat the
yearlings, 16-7 in softball.
Front:   Barry Eveleth, David Loughborough, Jim Waller, Jack Bujalski, Fred Easley, Bob Tierney  
Back:   Wayne Day, Frank Wright, Pat Donovan, Harry Shedd, George Huff  
Cows?; Company G-2
Either '56 or '57 summer trip.
BJ's Rationale: We did not wear "wheel"
hats with fatigues at West Point.
Front:   John Palmer, Pat Donovan  
Back:   Bob Tallgren (M-2)?, Barry Eveleth, Jim McCauley, Harry Shedd, Lee Fay  
Cows; Company G-2
February, 1956**
This snowfall brought in more snow
than they’d ever seen before.
G-2 barracks in rear.
Sonny Conrad on left;
Harry Shedd on right.
Cows; Company G-2
January-February, 1956**
Left:         Harry Shedd
Right:    Sonny Conrad
Taken before Saturday P-rade.
Photo by roommate Jack Bujalski.
Cows; Company G-2
Fall, 1956**
Left: Sonny Conrad
Center: Jack Bujalski
Right: Harry Shedd
Taken the day the firsties went to
Michigan for the game, and
the cows ran the Corps.
Firsties; Company G-2
March, 1958
Left:                    X, X,
Right:    Harry Shedd
100th Night
"Wipe it off, smack."
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*Pictures by Pat Julian     **Pictures by Jack Bujalski     (others by Claradell Shedd)

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