United States Military Academy
Class of 1958
Company G-2

Friday, October 22, 2004

Tours, Lunch @ Mi Tierra,
Barbeque @ Sunset Station

Golf at 0800, Pecan Valley
San Antonio, Texas
animated golfer
Tours - 0830
Remember the Alamo Market Square SW Arts & Crafts Riverboat
Harry and Claradell Shedd
on Friday Museum tour
Betty Donovan, Harriet Hill (D-1)
on Museum Tour (T-Rex)
T-Rex/27 million years ago!* Back to the bus*
Friday's tour group* Briefing before another museum*
Lunch - 1300 - Mi Tierra Cafe
Heather Crawley, Bob & Sally Tierney, Barbara
& John Palmer, Bob & Pat Julian,
Wayne Weiss, Harry Shedd at Mi Tierra Cafe
Pat Julian, Wayne Weiss, Harry Shedd, Hugh Morgan, Heather Crawley, Bob & Sally Tierney,
Barbara & John Palmer, Bob Julian
Sunset Station/Barbeque - 1800
Sunset Station
Barbeque at Sunset Station
Barbara Palmer, Marianne & Edgie Waller,
Janet Eliot
Sally Tierney, Barb Palmer
Pat and Bob Julian Hugh Morgan and Heather Crawley
Susan and Dave Depew, Marion Fay
Betty Donovan, Lee and Marion Fay
The Gonzos: Palmer McGrew, Sam Myers,
Fred Easley, Stan Bacon, Chuck Densford
Fred Easley sings.
The Singing Senoras with Kathy Schwar...
(selection below;)
Joe Luman on keyboard**
Mary Jane and George Lawton Sally and Bob Tierney
Pam Grattan and Fred Easley Edgie Waller, Janet and Brad Eliot
Bob and Sally Tierney, Barb and John Palmer*   Marion Fay, Fred Easley, Harry Shedd
Line Dancers
May I have this dance? The Jack Bujalskis
Sally Tierney, Marion Fay   Barb Palmer   Connie Wright,
Rachel & Jack Bujalski
Pat in the groove! Barb is serious about this!* Pat and Bob Julian
Janet Eliot, Pat Julian,
Connie Wright, Rachel and Jack Bujalski
Janet Eliot, Bob Higgins, Brad Eliot
 Photos taken on Friday, October 22. (*please send corrections/additions to
Claradell at [email protected])
*Pictures by Pat Julian     **Pictures by Jack Bujalski     (others by Claradell Shedd)

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